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Given the distinct differences in molecular organization within spherulites and grains, we have examined charge transport across TES ADT’s interspherulite boundaries (ISBs) and compared it to charge transport across grain boundaries.

A set of 1638 informative SNP markers easily assayed by the Amplifluor genotyping system were tested in 102 mouse strains, including the majority of the common and wild-derived inbred strains available from The Jackson Laboratory.

But this sentence is stating that Aholibamah is the daughter of Anah and the "granddaughter" of Zibeon, not that Anah is the daughter of Zibeon.

Esau had multiple wives and Korah is also listed as a grandson of Esau through Eliphaz, causing some confusion. Genesis states that Eliphaz bore a number of sons (called here, dukes) that came from his son Eliphaz, and one of them is Duke Korah.

Selected from publicly available databases, the markers are on average ∼1.5 Mb apart and, whenever possible, represent the rare allele in at least two strains.

Amplifluor assays were developed for each marker and performed on two independent DNA samples from each strain.

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We find that the trap density is 7x10 across an ISB.

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