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It is the process by which you and the church test your call.This will begin in your circuit, before going to the district and then to a selection committee that represents the Connexional Church.From the first moment you begin to consider ministry as a vocation up until your ordination ceremony, you'll go through several phases of candidacy.The ordination process isn't for the impatient and can take a few years to complete depending on your educational background and whether you want to advance beyond a pastor to becoming a deacon or elder. Discuss your desire to minister with your pastor, district superintendent, or another member of the United Methodist ministry.If you would like more details regarding the coursework and itinerant service requirements necessary for each step of the ordination process, click on the links in the left-hand sidebar.If you are a United Methodist desiring to become a minister, you'll go through a well-defined process to become ordained..(2) Check your annual conference website for how to start and who to contact.(3) To formally apply, write a letter to your District Superintendent outlining your call to ministry.(4) Once you're a candidate, you’ll be assigned a mentor--an ordained person who will guide you through the process.(All Greek to you?

In order that The United Methodist Church may be assured that those persons who present themselves as candidates for ordained ministry are truly called of God, the Church expects persons seeking ordination to: Accept that Scripture contains all things necessary for salvation through faith in God through Jesus Christ; be competent in the disciplines of Scripture, theology, church history, and Church polity; possess the skills essential to the practice of ordained ministry; and lead in making disciples for Jesus Christ.Local pastors complete the Basic Five-Year Course of Study. First, contact the financial aid office in the schools you’re interested in, since many institutions offer scholarships.You can also find loans and scholarships available through GBHEM by visiting the Loans and Scholarships page.Would you appreciate information, practical help, mutual support and theological reflection along the way?If so, the Candidates' Support Group is for you and you would be most welcome.

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Those whom the Church ordains shall be conscious of God’s call to ordained ministry, and their call shall be acknowledged and authenticated by the Church.

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