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Since the late nineteenth century, both the northern and southern regions have been mainly populated by people coming from the central region, helping to strengthen the country's cultural homogeneity.

Notwithstanding the existence of a strong dominant national culture, some cultural regional traditions can be identified.

So, if you are inspired to travel to Chile after watching this video and want to participate in the national past-time of lying around in public parks with your darling like in this photo… or if you already found your handsome Chilean but you struggle with some cultural / language problems, then continue reading carefully. ) Estoy pololeando = I have a boyfriend/girlfriend po = you will always hear that at the end of a phrase, but it doesn’t really mean anything.

It’s an abbreviated form of “pues” used to add emphasis.

On one particular day in October 2011 (I am not sure of the precise date), I was making my way to class at the Pontifical Catholic University in Santiago, Chile, where I was studying abroad for a semester.

Said guy is so attractive, that I’m almost nervous to be kissing him, because, as we all know, when you’re kissing really attractive people, you’re thinking to yourself: I see that his neck is bleeding. And, of course, hopping back to me and my North American dating expectations, I suppose this means is that I’ll need to start ruthlessly interrogating Chilean men on the street. And if I understand it, I’ll be far less likely to feel like a whore.

” Then, I look upward, and see that his forehead is bleeding, too. And if that’s the case, then it’s a really good idea to be as up front as possible from the beginning–especially with new clients–and try to get all of the expectations out on the table–both theirs and yours.

Your client isn’t satisfied with the final product–what expectations did they have for the end result? And most importantly, they influence how you and your work are perceived.

Since the late nineteenth century, Chilean culture has also been nurtured by the arrival of a large group of immigrants, mainly Germans, British, French, Italians, Croatians, Palestinians, and Jews.

Today they fill leading positions in academic and cultural circles as well as within the country's political leadership.

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In the northern provinces near Bolivia, Aymará Indians have been able to preserve many aspects of their Andean culture.

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