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With its latest update, Google Maps is introducing a real-time location sharer that will allow you to send your exact position to a contact either directly or through a messenger like Whats App.If you’re following Google Maps directions, you’ll be able to hit a ‘Share trip progress’ button, which will let your chosen contacts track exactly where you are on your journey and your ETA.Adding a Firearm To add a firearm, open up Shooter and touch the "Add Firearm" button at the bottom of the screen.You will be brought to a screen with several inputs to enter: Name - This is an arbitrary name that you'd like to use to identify this firearm. This is an optional input and is only needed if you intend to calculate spin drift which is covered later in the manual.Just two days ago, Google started rolling out a new version of Maps.

You'll be able to share to individuals or groups, and have quite a bit of control over how long you are sharing and how often that information is updated.Or you can share your exact location to help you and a friend find each other in a crowd.You will once again be able to share your location without using Google .You'll be able to select the navigation from within the Maps app.There's no telling how long you'll be able to access this on the mobile Web version.

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