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The video begins with a young Egyptian man who says that sexual repression has become so engrained in Egyptian culture that it has resulted in daily, and absurd, judgments about everyday behavior."' He's going up to his apartment with her? He is one of several unnamed young Egyptians interviewed in their homes, speaking freely about subjects often considered taboo to discuss in public.She has said "I was brought up to be a good middle class Egyptian girl; but somehow being good did not suit my notions...

In 2005, she began publishing articles while teaching classes at the American University in Cairo.

Activists have claimed the vague guidelines set out in the law allow police to arrest and secure convictions of LGBT people.

CAIRO — A well produced viral video starring several young Egyptians has been making the rounds recently on social media sites, sparking heated discussions around issues beyond the well known problem of sexual harassment of women in the streets and on public transport.

Recent resharing of the video has resulted in 2,500 more views since Nov. Early on, the video cuts from voyeuristic shots of Egyptian couples filmed in parks and streets, to a white screen with writing that reads: "Libido: Do you know what it means? A cartoon explains that when a young Mazen asks his parents about sex, he is told only, "shame" and "forbidden." In school, he does not receive sex education. Egypt is the number two country in the world for Google searches of the word "sex," the video states.

" That is when viewers meet Mazen — "a 20-year-old Egyptian guy" who, "like every other Egyptian guy," badly wants to sleep with a girl, but can't. Last year, under the rule of Muslim Brotherhood member and then-President Mohammed Morsi, the prosecutor-general tried, unsuccessfully, to implement an earlier court ruling banning pornographic websites — a move widely criticized for its estimated cost and censorship.

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They're definitely doing something wrong.' Why can't they just be platonically hanging out together? When viewing the video, titled "Libido," on a cell phone at a popular shisha cafe recently, two women and a man in their 20s laughed at a joke about masturbation — after turning down the volume so others couldn't hear. with his computer," joked the video’s narrator, a young Egyptian man with slicked-back hair who alternates between wearing a crisp black suit and jeans.

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