Geologic time rock dating methods

Some of the information is technical and I have tried to provide references and links for the more difficult portions of the text in order to help any reader go beyond the material presented here.

There is no shortage of criticism of the radiometric dating technique by young Earth creationists.

The entire geologic column, composed of complete strata systems, exists only in the diagrams drawn by geologists!

For example, creationist writer Henry Morris [Morris2000, pg.

When a scientist finds a section of rock that has lots of different strata, he assumes that the bottom-most layer is the oldest, and the top-most layer is the youngest.

But sometimes, a scientist finds a couple of rock outcrops that are separated by a wide distance.

The following are the ten most common misconceptions. Adam Sedgewick, Roderick Murchison, William Coneybeare, and others affirmed that the earth was formed largely by catastrophic processes, and that the earth and life were created.

These men stood for careful empirical science and were not compelled to believe evolutionary speculation or side with uniformitarian theory.

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Also shown below (click for a larger version) is a photo of the paleosol taken from the other side of the road. 100 dpi photo of the same outcrop taken from the opposite side of the road showing from bottom to top (regolith of Butler Hill Granite, dark paleosol formed on top of the granite, shaly Lamotte Formation (basal), Lamotte sandstone (top). Science has determined the age of the Earth to be 4.54 /- 0.05 Ga As mentioned in the opening of this article, there are at least three pieces of independent evidence that argue strongly against a young earth stance.

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