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Fandom: Mobile Suit Gundam 00Pairing: Lockon/Tieria Wordcount: 10,667Spoilers: For the entire series.

If you're here, you probably know how it goes with this kind of show.

He takes a shaky breath as he adjusts his scarf to attain the needed warmth before he crosses the street, the sound of bells and chimes carried by the yuletide melodies filling the air."That color doesn’t suit you."You were unbelievable. I was lost and I was blindtill I stepped in that room To him, you are a different reality - yet no different from the previous ones he had pretended to live in.

After bumping into him and spilling your coffee on his shirt, you still got the guts to pause and scrutinize his attire and tell him your opinion about his scarf’s color. You are no more than a stranger, a random profile he will later note of.

i didn't find this while I was reading, but I was just skimming as i was pretty busy. Day 1 Today begins my day as the Serenian ambassador to Calafia.

You were smiling the whole time while you browsed Undisclosed Tendencies [Modern AU] (Levi x Reader)If there’s a downside for being a prodigy of an employee that you are - it’s having to do more work than you should. Too accustomed to this version of reality, perhaps too long for your own good.a world with no view You’ve grown cynical of this world, albeit still hoping, only to be let down againand again. Perhaps it was the coffee, or maybe there was something in the sweets that Worick had brought home from his other appointment, you suspect.

I do love the rest of the meisters for their respective qualities, so maybe there will be another Gundam 00 fic from me.

For those who doesn’t know, Tieria Erde shares the same Japanese VA with our dear Captain Levi.

It's the future, and war is still ravaging humanity.

One teenage boy finds himself enmeshed in the struggle, but fortunately he has a giant robot to help.

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