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But every now and then I take on a big project, such as re-tiling my whole living area or repainting my kitchen cabinets!When I set out to repaint my kitchen cabinets, I knew it was a project I'd only want to do once. I also knew, from several earlier projects, that the doors would be the trickiest part.I believe I used 2 cans to prime all the drawers and the dresser. The only issue I have found with this primer is that it can leave a little gritty texture once it dries so I used a shop rag and rubbed it off. However, I have found that if you shake the can for 2-3 minutes (a really long time when you’re shaking the can!) You don’t, typically end up with the gritty texture when it dries.I know, I sound so professional 😉 Then, I wiped off the dust from sanding.This roughened up the wood a bit and since I was using spray paint, I wanted it to stick really well. You can get it from Home Depot and it helps the paint adhere better.Next, I took all of the drawers and put them “face up” in the grass (I like to spray in the grass because once you mow the grass all your paint goes bye-bye and you have no overspray issues or clean-up! I gave all of the drawers two coats of KILZ Spray Primer.In my opinion, the BEST spray primer available and one can costs around and it goes a long way.

His color warpaint design in the late-80s to early-90s gave way to the Crow Sting that is better known today.I will use my dresser redo to explain things since that is where the majority of the questions came from! For this piece, it was a dark wood with a glossy lacquer of some sort over top.I started by lightly sanding the dresser to remove some of that shiny junk off…Many historic battles featured tribes that would apply warpaint on their faces before heading into the fight.The purpose of the paint was to intimidate their opposition and have them believe they were facing something beyond human.

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Lou Thesz: The greatest World Heavyweight champion of all time. He is the only wrestler to ever compete in 7 different decades.

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