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Its approach is quite different to RSVP's however, requiring you to fill out a detailed questionnaire that will let you indicate just what you're looking for in a match.

e Harmony then uses 'science' to find you the matches with the highest likelihood of compatibility.

Fishman co-founded Kingfish Labs with fellow entrepreneur Jeff Revesz, and developed the mobile dating service called Yoke.

The pair not only leveraged API data from Facebook, but also Amazon and Netflix to create what they believed to be more accurate matchmaking results. Others, such as have used the Spotify API to connect single users to those with similar tastes in music.

Their service analyzes you via an at-home DNA kit and personality test.The couple who started it was brought closer together due to their obsession with dogs, and they just want to spread the puppy love. Mensa, the world's oldest and largest high IQ society, has teamed up with to bring brainiacs together.If your IQ is in the 98th percentile or higher, sign up and get to wooing.Facebook in particular was never intended to be a dating service, but that’s exactly how developers are using its application programming interface, or API.By harnessing friends and interests and years of willfully offered user data, a new crop of apps and services claim to offer more successful online dating experiences than what’s offered by, say, Plentyoffish, Ok Cupid or, the industry’s old guard.

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The people behind The Dating Gurus are couple Sharon Kroll and Lee Wallender of Seattle, Wash., who met after spending years plowing through online dating sites and apps with limited success. Kroll has worked as a social worker, enabling them to combine his creative and her clinical skills to help people navigate the online dating scene.

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