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Go when the café is closed, and it is very peaceful and quiet, although it costs £1 to go through the turnstile.

Not many people seem to know about this site, but an excellent time can be had either in the open grassed area at the top of the hill (this is where the wife and I were), or at the bottom beside the waterfall, although you may be disturbed by unknowing walkers!

She often drew on her years in London, where she lived until 1979, in her essays and columns.

The early 1960s were a golden age in the life of the London Welsh.

By the time he met Yi Liu, a woman in his graduate-level music theory class at Boston University, he was better prepared.

On a summer day in 1989, as they sat side by side on the beach, Liu leaned over and kissed Shore on the lips.

The same conviviality and vivacity were displayed in the dizzy social whirl of the London Welsh association, of which she became a leading light soon after arriving in the city in 1957 as a schoolteacher; she ended her career as a head of department at a comprehensive in Islington.

It was here in Bala that he delivered his famous speech calling for a Welsh Parliament.

These are only some of the famous characters of Bala. At 3½ miles long, ¾ mile wide and up to 140 feet deep, Bala Lake is the largest natural lake in Wales.

Some of her most entertaining pieces, deliciously waspish, caused sparks to fly, but the reader was always left with the impression that she meant precisely what she said and was prepared to stand by it.

This taste for controversy and a willingness to raise the hackles of the pompous and complacent went hand-in-hand with a more academic trait in her personality which found expression in her keen interest in local history and genealogy.

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