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“We will investigate these allegations above because OCR has jurisdiction and the allegations were filed timely,” the office’s Rhasheda S.Douglas, team leader, wrote in a July 12 letter to the women.

“We know through campaigns and manipulation and trading that the stock is gonna go up and we’re gonna sell it.

Hope Brinn (left) and Mia Ferguson at Swarthmore College in Swarthmore, Delaware County, on Tuesday, May 7, 2013. Department of Education has opened an investigation into whether Swarthmore College violated federal regulations in its handling of sexual harassment and assault cases on the 1,545-student, Delaware County campus.

The two sophomore students sparked a federal complaint against the college for under-reporting or downplaying cases of sexual assault. Student complainants Mia Ferguson, an engineering major from Cambridge, Mass., and Hope Brinn, an educational studies and sociology/anthropology major from Wilmington, received a letter from the department’s Office of Civil Rights last week confirming the probe.

Federal authorities have charged a Philadelphia lawyer and three other men in a so-called pump and dump scheme to inflate the stock price of a publicly traded company that makes a Breathalyzer-like device to detect marijuana use. Garnick, reached at his Center City offices Saturday, said he was unaware of any illegal or improper activities. In 2012, Messala had been banned from the investment advisory business by the Securities and Exchange Commission for various improprieties.

Michael Garnick, 58, a personal-injury lawyer and investor who lives and practices in Center City, was arrested Friday and charged with securities fraud and conspiracy in a complaint and affidavit filed in federal court in Brooklyn by Bridget M. Bio Cube securities were in the category of “penny stocks,” meaning that they traded for pennies on the dollar.

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However, other employment opportunities either do not exist, or pay too little to allow the teenagers to secure basic needs.

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