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We believe Google is simply the best tool on the Web for finding just about anything, and it easily claims our Number 1 spot.

It is screamingly fast, sleek, streamlined, and as comprehensive as a search tool can be.

And while you're at it, leave us a comment about your own favorite site. They're always useful to a majority of users of any background or skill level.This year, the Top 100 is again split between all-time classics (68 total) and new, fantastic "undiscovered" sites we want to share with you (32 total).To avoid spam, use a temporary email address.)A bold endeavor in online journalism, Google News provides you hundreds of news sources (typically) for each of the major stories of the day.Just find the story that interests you on the main page, and you will see something like "227 related" or "535 related" just beneath it.

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