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"We were literally across from each other on our laptops on Google Docs," says Halstead, on what it's like to co-write on the fly in 2012. '" "Building You An Alter" is one of my favorites here (and also available on Halstead's Bandcamp site below--click to the 3rd track).

album was the greatest album of all time because it only existed in the imagination of the listener.

Caught in that familiar middle-ground between pop and folk (we can both thank and blame Bob Dylan for that chasm), she leaned more towards the rootsy, folk story-teller side in her first five years in the city.

However, a new album, The story of Halstead's third-album begins last year when she had an 11-day recording session booked with Evan Brubaker; a Tacoma-based producer that the songwriter trusts for not only his production skill, but also his knack in artist development and working with female singer-songwriters.

In terms of music (my other fix), it's got to be either punk, rockabilly or electro-pop--that lovely little subgenre born out of '80s new wave and '90s techno whose clean lines and smooth sheen feel so good in the morning before that cynical side kicks in.

Boston Emissions, WZLX; Sundays, 10 p.m.-midnight Boston Accents, WFNX; Sundays, 8-10 p.m.

Nadler's brief set, before she heads off on a European tour (which includes a much anticipated stop for the singer in Turkey) will break-up readings by Roxane Gay, Amy Fusselman, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Thomas Page Mc Bee, and Paul Le Gault. Love-Up Time - "Sneak Around" Nadler herself is currently in transition without a band and in the process of developing new material for what will become her next album.

One record of recent note in this department comes from Bearstronaut (whom I have written about here), who recorded their dazzling EP (released Nov 2012) largely in their apartment--though you would never guess that was recorded in anything other than a limo with a portable studio roaming London in the middle of the night.

Another dandy comes now from Stereo Telescope (whom I have also touched on here) who are just now in the process of letting music listeners like you and me pry the secrets of their debut LP album was the greatest album of all time because it only existed in the imagination of the listener.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Love-Up Time with Jeremy Dubs Plough & Stars, Cambridge Thursday, March 7th 9PM AWP Conference Week: Readings and brief set from Marissa Nadler 826 Boston 3035 Washington St.

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