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The President-elect of the most powerful country in the Western world unashamedly applied reality TV tactics to real life and got hired. Hopefully it will resist pressing the nuclear button. It’s bad enough that our mobiles are causing chronic social anxiety, ruining our sleep, giving us RSI and that there STILL inexplicably isn’t a fingers-crossed emoji. £350 million in cold, hard cash straight from the EU coffers and into the NHS, President Obama founded IS and the US election was rigged (until it wasn’t — although it was hacked). According to the OED, “post-truth” is the word 2016 will be most remembered for. While David Cameron will go down in history as the guy who jumped ship, Farage, confusingly, has achieved more of his political goals than almost anyone else. He topped off the year with Ferrero Rocher celebrations at The Ritz to remind us all that Trump had suggested he should be ambassador to the US and that he remembers an old advert from 1993.

I think I'm the happiest I've been in a long time."AAfter that escape, Ron learned that his son had assigned private investigators to follow him, and David also instructed his sisters, Denise and Lori, to cut off ties with their father.That’s what motivated him, Ron says, to write his book and reveal what a totalitarian ruler his son had become.The book aims to be “an homage to a year of unparalleled cockhattery, f**kmuppetry and s**tcombobulating world events”. Waking up at Glastonbury it was clear that (based on overheard phone calls) no one believed the news until it had been confirmed by their mum. Tom Hiddleston will be ruing that “I heart TS” vest as he watches Idris Elba killing it as the next James Bond.Although AD79 (Pompeii), 1520 (smallpox) and 1845 (Irish famine) might have something to say about that, 2016 is definitely up there. Relive the horror with the top 16 terrible moments of a year we’ll all be glad to see the back of. The second lightning strike hit with all the might of inexplicable hair and voracious misogyny. Some have speculated that the hair is not in actual fact real because it moves on its own accord. But who would have thought that we would all identify with Ryan Reynolds, who suddenly became relevant again when he embodied all our thoughts and feelings on the topic in one murderous facial expression at Hiddleswift’s saccharine Fourth of July party?

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